Switzerland continued

Enjoyed a tour around in Berne what a beautiful place had an opportunity to observe two bears frolicking with each other in their environment. As we rode by the river what a picturesque view, picture perfect. Lucerne was also very clean reminds me of being in a resort.

Did my first cable car ride on Mt. Rigi, unbelievable but I was adventurous. Well if the cable car went down we would be stuck in the trees but would be more devastating than on a chair lift. My visit to Italy was where I was introduced to Chianti, we purchased a huge bottle as it was quite inexpensive and planned for the return train ride to Zurich.

Here we were having a grand time on the train on our return to Zurich eating, drinking, laughing and singing

Had dinner at the hotel one night where we met this African Businessman, Babatunde, and other gentlemen sent over bottles of wine for us. As mentioned before none of us were drinkers but we obliged hence the result of the laughter when we got back to the room.

We entertained at the piano bar in our hotel in Zurich and the pianist seemed quite pleased, I guess it helped the time pass by, and that was a hit that drew a bit of crowd

People in Switzerland spoke English very well and were quite friendly. The place was very clean and well kept. As you started driving it appeared you were constantly climbing hills and the beuty of these streaks of silver in a distance that eventually revealed beautiful water falls. watch for more of this adventure

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