Dining in UAE

In general, I am not a picky eater and will try food that I might not be accustomed to or familiar with. I am never worried about what I am going to eat and whether they will have what I want. I noticed that one of the questions I have been asked many times on my return was, “How is the food?” I think that is a reasonable question. I really had to think a little because I didn’t pay much attention since there were always things on the menu that I eat and tasted out of curiosity, so I am going to give you my best impression.

We had breakfast at our hotel every morning. Breakfast was served buffet style with a wide variety to satisfy everyone. There were fresh fruits, mainly melon, oranges, apples, banana and fresh shredded carrots and cucumbers, and the usual salad ingredients. There were dishes from India, Japan, America, and the Middle East.

When it came to lunchtime, what we ate was dependent on where we were. There was always differently prepared chicken, seafood, hamburgers, rice, vegetables, potatoes, coffee, tea, sodas, bottled water or some fruit drink. I ate at a local restaurant in Abu Dhabi, and the ones I tasted that I wasn’t sure what they were, was quite tasty. The problem is the names, so I can’t tell you what the names were, but it was good, even their fried chicken. I think t had to do with the spices.

When we went to the Red Dune Desert, upon arrival, we had chicken shawarma. My best explanation of a shawarma: it is like a wrap or thick pita bread that was stuffed with sliced chicken and vegetables. For the barbecue they had, roasted lamb, beef patties ( like hamburger patties), curried chicken, mutton kabobs, rice and vegetables. In general, moving around you can get seafood, chicken, lamb, and mutton. As we moved around, we also saw fast food places such as Burger King.


I hope this gives you an idea that if you are planning to visit you should have no problem when it comes to eating. I like the Indian bread naan and together with some of those sauce-like dishes I was satisfied and there was always French fries.😃

This was my meal the first night . The main dish was a seafood paella and of course my appetizer.

I know a few of my friends are visiting soon, so I hope this and the earlier posts helped.

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