Summit at 1 Vanderbilt

New york is known for its tourist attractions and in October 2021 they added this must visit, Summit. This is a structure soaring 1210 ft above NYC located in Grand Central terminal.

I would suggest the best time to visit would be about 7:30pm when you will get a great daylight view, a spectacular sunset and a great view of the city at night. Be prepared to spend about 3 hours for exploring this sensational structure.

Because the you will be walking on what appears like glass on the first level on the 91st floor, all guests are provided with shoe covers. Reminded me of donning before going into the operating room.

After donning the shoe covers the next stop is an area for photographs several camera kiosks. You are given a band with a barcode that identifies you as you go through the sections where cameras are and pictures are taken.

An elevator ride takes you to the 91st floor which not only offers a spectacular view of the city but an amazing experience of reflection through glass. You are looking to what appears to be below several floors then you see your own image for as far as your sight will allow.

Here you can see this person is actually standing on the right with reflection on the left. peopleare also walking on the clear glass portion.

Some of the guests will take pictures of from different angles like laying on the floor looking above or looking down to see their reflection.

Here we are looking down with reflection above
Take a close look at the lady in the pink jacket n the reflections below. in the upper section is where she is live

The next level is the observatory deck where you have the Levitation experience as you go out on a glass ledge suspending 1063 feet above the steet below. Another photo opportunity This is also the level where you can enjoy refreshments at an indoor lounge or step out in the open air.

Standing on the glass ledge 1063 feet above Madison Avenue

It was now later and the city lit up. This view you have from the bar area Apres or when you step out on the 93rd floor.

View taken from the lounge

A little taste of art in another room

Some fun time bouncing silver balls around with the city backdrop.

We now move to the side where there is wall size display of floating clouds and if you stand and watch for awhile you might see your image in the clouds. Technology on display throughout.

In time to catch my friend’s image

Well the final experience is the ascent to 1200 feet above street level via a glass elevator on the outside of the building. Then it is time to review and purchase pictures or gather a souvenir.

This was my first visit to the city since 2020 and I thoroughly enjoyed. Caught a play on Broadway the next day and after a stroll where there was a fair going on displaying the diverse culture through dishes, clothing, art etc. New York is alive where some are in mask but most are not.

2 thoughts on “Summit at 1 Vanderbilt

  1. Hi Miss Chin, just took a long look at your pics and I’m impressed. Girl you got guts by going so far up in a glass elevator. I did enjoy looking.

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