Tracking the blooms a week later

Call me crazy but I love the springtime. look what a difference a week makes.

Had to take a closer look in the Japanese garden there were fish and turtles

4 thoughts on “Tracking the blooms a week later

  1. Not seeing any of these signs here in Canada, as yet!   On my daily walks, I can see those lilies peeking up out of the ground.  That is it, for the time being.  People have the large bags of soil on their driveways, etc., definitely waiting to place the soil in the gardens or on the lawns in anticipation of the upcoming Summer growing season.  I think we will move into Summer, skipping Spring entirely… the rate we are going! 😊As l walk, l have my camera at the ready……sadly, it does not get used.  I continue to hope, though! 😉I am enjoying your pictures….l did not get to see the blossoms this year…..too cold out for me.Keep it up!  Caio! FaithSent from my Galaxy


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