Love of sunsets around the globe

Well my friends we have all been stuck at home for almost a year due to the pandemic. I am so missing my usual expeditions but fortunately I have loads of photographs, videos and wonderful memories. Well as I reported before I had the first dose of the vaccine with no side effects: I have now received the second dose more than five days ago. I am happy to report I am doing fine the only side effects I experienced were mild itching and mild swelling at the site. I need to emphasize that different people have different experiences this was mine but none of my friends that have received the vaccine experienced ill effects. The important thing is that you asks questions before taking the vaccine and be familiar with some of the expected side effects. Having said that I am already looking forward to making reservations for a well deserved vacation for late summer. I am not in a hurry to fly but there are many places in driving distance so I look forward to getting on the road again.

Let me share some of my favorite sunsets.

heading to Port Royal, Jamaica
Montego Bay across from Doctor’s Cave Beach
Taken Cloggy seafood seaside venue in Black River , Jamaica
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Oranjestad, ,Aruba
Willemstad, Curaçao
Talin, Estonia
From my port hole leaving Montenegro
National Harbor, Maryland, USA
South Cebu, Philippines
From the Warwick hotel in KorolevuFiji

Just getting in the mood of traveling again soon.

8 thoughts on “Love of sunsets around the globe

  1. Hi there, my friendWhat a lovely subject to choose!  Love it!  I have seen some of the sunsets in Jamaica and Aruba …..they are lovely, aren’t they?  I am enjoying the Canadian sunsets, too.  They are so beautiful!  I have not yet taken a picture of one.  Reason….l do not want the picture to be polluted with a house in the foreground or electric poles and lines , etc.I will take a drive out to the country the next time to take a picture.🤭Glad you got your second shot….good to hear.  We are on the second round of vaccines now…80 years and over plus the completion of first responders, etc.  Then, 70s and over will be the next ones to come up for vaccines.  We wait, my friend.😁Continue the great job!FaithSent from my Galaxy

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