Vaccine update

Since my last post I received my first dose of the vaccine a week ago, my mom also received hers. So far we have had no side effects which could include fever, headaches, swelling at the site, itching at the site or generally, feelings of tiredness etc. I am also participating in V Safe after vaccination health checker, a CDC program, that has scheduled check in to gather data as to individual responses to the vaccine. This is optional but I believe it is helpful to get feedback and collect data as an ongoing monitoring that could be helpful in educating the population.

Be reminded that the general consensus is that even after taking the vaccine you should continue the practice of wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing. It has not been established that the vaccine will prevent you from getting the virus but should you become infected the illness will not be as intense. We have to be reminded until everyone has received the vaccine and the incidents of infected individuals has been brought under control precautions are necessary.

I miss my travels last year but I am looking forward to doing something early summer to Massachusetts and Maryland. I have been busy attending meetings and events virtually, quite a change but adjustments are necessary at this time. My piano playing is coming along especially now our new President and Vice President are in place and they are laser focused on crushing this pandemic. My intense watching of news on television and keeping up with the times have decreased giving more time to work with my plants and handle things to do that I have neglected.

African violet

4 thoughts on “Vaccine update

  1. Nicely done!  The facts are clearly stated!  Thanks for reminding us all of the need to keep up the present protocols……even after receiving the jab!🙂Good job, my friend!FaithieSent from my Galaxy

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