Some highlights of Jamaica

Every time I return to Jamaica I discover places that I had not seen or been to before. So many of us do not get the chance to explore some of the great places to see and things to do until we return on a visit. I will share some of the things I have done and experienced on a return visit.

Also in St. Elizabeth is the Appleton Rum Estate where there are daily tours that take you through the processing techniques used to produce the final product, rum.

Ys River Falls, also located in St. Elizabeth, has become one of the popular waterfalls that visitors are visiting. There is zip lining for the adventurous and in general a very relaxing atmosphere with tropical plants and flowers. To get to the falls there is a short ride on a trolley and at the falls there are picnic benches and pavilions. One is able to climb up to the zip lining station and to go further up the falls via well constructed pathway. There are seven falls in total and the pictures above is the final fall and the river continues to flow as it is the main tributary of Black River.

One is able to bathe in the ocean when you visit the renowned Dunn’s River Falls. One of the major attractions is climbing the falls which takes the climbers up and and under the roadway to an upper level of the falls. I was at a shack at the point where climbers emerge from under the roadway along with their guide loaded with cameras. This was my view.

While in Kingston I visited the Bob Marley Museum, in addition to the displays within the museum there is a gift shop, a garden, a refreshment stall and a display of murals.

I also visited the six-acre Emancipation Park located in the New Kingston neighborhood and boasts the 11feet bronze sculptures, Redemption Song, at the main entrance. This monument symbolizes the triumphant rise out of the horrors of slavery and features a male and female looking towards the sky.

Traveling from Kingston to the north coast of the island you have lovely recently built highways which shortens the traveling time. There are toll booths, somewhat new to the island, which create some discussion around costs but the highways have become popular and fairly well used. As you drive along the highway you can get a glimpse of different towns.

Prior to these highways we would take a local route where we would travel over one of the oldest bridges, Flat Bridge, in the parish of St. Catherine. This is a one lane bridge with no protective guard rails running over the Rio Cobre River.

The new highways are built up behind the hilly green vegetation seen in the pictures. There were times when excessive flooding have caused this bridge impassable and other routes had to be used in getting to and fro. Continuing along this route there is the river on one side and massive rocks, below the vegetation, on the other side and offers a winding ride.

Just crossed over the bridge

We continued driving through villages and eventually seeing a train exiting from a tunnel on the hill above the river bed.

There are many resorts throughout the island mainly in Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay.

If you happen to be in Montego Bay and walking along the main strip you might see this lady but be prepared to give her a big tip.

view of Montego Bay from the airplane

6 thoughts on “Some highlights of Jamaica

  1. Interesting, I was especially impressed with the canopied, 3mile bamboo run in St Elizabeth, never heard of it before. We were always so impressed with the one in St Ann, it impales in comparison. The island in the sun is so verdant, so picturesque. I’m ready for another trip.

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  2. There is no surprise………..some of these pictures you showed, I had not been to those places in Jamaica. I have been hearing a lot about the YS Falls. Oh well, now I am thinking I have seen the best and no longer think of YS as a great one! 😊

    Nice pictures, though. Thanks for the memories!


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    1. Ys falls is really beautiful to look at. People are able to bathe in the lower part featured here but nothing like Dunes River. This falls use to feature some tubbing but depends on the weather impact on the river.


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