Sacred Valley: Chinchero district

This trip just kept getting better as we go higher; you are in for the Chinchero treat. The Chincheros district is 12,345 feet above sea level and the people are indigenous Indians from the Quechua decent. Here we met a group of Quechua Indian weavers who taught us all about the colors we have been seeing since our arrival in Peru. Their clothing was the most distinctive we had seen since our arrival in Peru colorful with their adorned hats.

The group leader and some of the weavers demonstrating some weaving tools. This particular tool is used to spin the wool into strands of threads after the wool has been washed.

The wool is cleaned in a liquid made from a mixture of water and the contents of a grated root. The wool is washed then rinsed in plain water then put to dry. The different colors are developed from different roots, seeds, fruits, leaves and corn. Now I wish I had recorded the names of the roots and different fruits that were used.

In the pictures above we see the different colors; what was interesting was to get a deeper color a powder (from another plant) would be added to the parts of the wool they wanted to change the color usually a deeper shade of the main color. After dyeing , the wool is boiled for a determined time.

After this process then comes the weaving. We were able to purchase various articles mainly tablecloths, shawls. The prices seemed expensive but after this intense demonstration of all the work that goes into coming up with the end product you can appreciate the price

This lady smashed a seed in her palm then squeezed lime juice to attain another color. These are sometimes used as 💄 and blush.

In and around the district cattle grazing and traveling along the road. After a lovely meal of chicken, rice and vegetables we headed for our school visit at the Racqui school. Gifts we brought to the school included crayons, pens and pencils. We were greeted with such enthusiasm by the teacher and students.

We had the chance to interact with the students in the classroom as they did individual projects such as drawing, coloring or solving a puzzle. They showed interest in cameras and were allowed to use the simple cameras.

Then We were ready for some fun outside the classroom.

Some of the students performed songs, took pictures with their respective visitor and led us into dancing as everyone took their shot at chopping down the zunya tree.

Continue with me in my next post.

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