Going down under Cairns

After a long flight time starting in Los Angeles to Sydney connecting to our destination Cairns Australia, a beautiful resort town. This trip ended up being more than 24 hours considering the time changes. Our hotel was modern, people were friendly and accommodating and the vicinity was clean and appeared safe. It is always wise when in a foreign country walk around in numbers or at least accompanied just to be safe. We were on a tour arranged by Grand Circle which ended up being a group of about 30. Some of the guests arrived earlier as they went to Ayers Rock which was optional. Since I was employed and the tour to include Ayers Rock would have added five more days making it almost a month I did not join that group. Those on that extension arrived later that afternoon accompanied by our Native Australian guide who remained with us for the entire time. Later that evening we met for a briefing and dinner. The itinerary is usually set on these tours and any optional tour is usually arranged in advance and in some cases can be purchased and arranged upon arrival. I generally do and prefer preplanning.

Our hotel was located within walking distance from a market place somewhat like a flea market where we could get souvenirs specific to the region. We were also fairly close to the beach and active tourist activities for socializing. Driving by you could see folks running along the beach and bars and lounges were quite busy. Across the street from our hotel was the beautiful St. Monica’s Catholic Church with the most unusual stained glass windows along both sides of the church; quite different from ones you are accustomed to seeing in Churches. These windows are referred to as Creation Windows and known as the largest themed stained glass windows in the world. A must see if you visit that area. Throughout my travels I have never seen another like the ones here.

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