Santorini continued

People here are very friendly and speaks English fluently. Credit cards are accepted even in small souvenir stores. I find it more convenient to use credit cards when I travel internationally and at times when I get my bill it is a little less than what I thought as the rates changes frequently. In addition it prevents you from having a lot of unused foreign currency requiring exchange and often there is a fee to change back. Walking along the streets in Fira were many shops where you can purchase clothing, jewelry and of course souvenirs. Be fore warned things are very expensive and we did not find much flexibility to negotiate prices. One thing I noticed also was that the vendors were not very pushy as I have experienced in other places.

Now lets talk about the view while walking along hotels, restaurants, bars are situated overlooking the sea as if just hanging from the cliffs all white buildings. I am not much of a shopper so my interest was just the beauty and the luxurious atmosphere despite how active the place was with tourists. I went in June and the weather was summer so clothing included shorts, tank tops etc.

If you look closely you can see a pool with umbrellas just about hanging over the cliff.

this is the opposite side to the previous picture taken as we walked along the cobbled winding road leading to the cable car.

People are seen going down and up a slope of cobbled streets from and toward the bus park. Upon arrival at the top from the bus park there are stores going to the left and the right with the white buildings (hotels, bars etc.) along the ridge overlooking the ocean. This is one of the Greek Islands that I would visit for a longer period as it appears getting around might not be that challenging as they seem to have bus service and taxis running between Fira and Oia as well as hotel accommodations in less crowded areas.

We were also treated to a buffet lunch with live entertainment and the smashing of the plates, a tradition for the Greeks. Lunch included traditional food and pastries accompanied with unlimited wine. Guests were invited to join with the entertainment and smashing of plates. After the meal plain plates were provided to guests to join in this tradition.

These are the plates that were distributed and as the music played you smash the plates on the floor it was a lot of fun as there was a big group and everybody participated .

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