Greek Islands

Then we sailed to Mykonos. As you sail into the Greek ports you are mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape and the white buildings with colored roofs. In Mykonos the buildings are painted white to reflect the sun in the harsh summers. It was believed that white painted houses were more heat resistant.  Some roofs are colored blue or red which paints a postcard picture against the hills. On my first visit we were in port at twilight and the site was magical. As you leave the ship and walk into the town there are several restaurants along the way and many souvenir shops. My recent trip there brought back fond memories and what I noticed was that people were swimming right there in the bay; it appeared they were both locals and tourists. It must be noted however that Mykonos has several beaches if you have the time to spend so it likely that most of the folks seen bathing in the bay might have been passengers from the ship.  People are friendly, willing to answer questions, willing to take pictures for you and spoke English fluently. There is a party like feel in the atmosphere.

This picture was taken on my first visit to Mykonos during twilight.

This gives you an idea of the trek from the ship into the town area. In the above picture where people are seen bathing is to my left. It is easier to get transportation to go further up the hillside and traffic is active behind those buildings.

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