Greece land and Sea continued

We boarded our cruise ship for visits to Egypt, Turkey, Israel and to Greek Islands of Rhodes, Mykonos and Santorini. While in Egypt we were able to visit Sadat’s memorial that is structured in the shape of a Pyramid. We were also able to visit one of the wonders of the world, Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. As you visit the different points of interest There were many vendors selling their wares but again be smart about what you are buying. There are stores close to the site that you can purchase more valuable stuff with a degree of comfort. Products made out of papyrus is well known and is a signature product of Egypt, items made from papyrus mainly pictures are being sold by local vendors or can be bought in established stores. There is the possibility to enter the Pyramids but that was by choice and I was not that adventurous.

Pyramids from a distance

Pyramids Up close

Sadat’s memorial

While at the King Tut’s Museum it was very evident how Americans were viewed. During an extensive tour in the Museum I decided to go outside to await the return of the group and was approached by a native who assumed I was an American born and after finding out I was Jamaican he referred to me as a sister and offered me a seat. He engaged in an intense conversation regarding reggae music and Bob Marley. People were polite and no animosity was detected but this approach though only by one person gave me food for thought. We continued our city tour by visiting The Mosque of Talum a very impressive structure perched on a hill. There was an area that was originally a cemetery of sorts where there were still structures of ancient tombs that was now being re-inhabited. You could see people walking around in the area I wonder what a return visit looks like now.  A place of such history requires more than a day to appreciate and explore. To be continued our next stop Israel.

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