A quick spin in St. Petersburg Florida

It is my first visit to this part of Florida and though for a brief visit while attending a wedding I was able to enjoy a bit of what the area has to offer. We had a beautiful Sunday evening dinner cruise out of St. Petersburg via Starlite Cruises. You have the option to go without dining and when making reservations online indicate whether dining or not. If you are dining you pay for the meal on board. It is a full course meal with a rolling bar. The entertainer was fabulous after making her rounds to greet guests and identify celebrants she acknowleged them by name publicly. She also provided the live entertainment we did not realize it was her singing at first as we were on the upper deck.

As we drove around I noticed there were different murals on buildings no indication of the artist or artists.

Our hotel was located on Central Ave, upon arrival we needed to get a quick bite close by the valet suggested the restaurant The Half Potatoe a new experience for us but we were game and pleasantly surprised.  The food here is what I would describe as serving a fussion of culture with a Cajun touch. Although the restaurant was not officially opened the owner invited us into this retro flared restaurant. Check it out if you are in the area if it is only to see the menu.

Wall adorned with some interesting paintings
The jalapeño popp-A Large baked potatoe topped with cheese and jalapeños

The combinations are interesting you can have pulled pork, Mac n cheese, beef chicken etc. We tried a cool aid pickle can’t even explain it but was interesting worth trying. I think the items on the menu added to the mystique such as feeling krabby, drunken cowboy, jalapeño popp-A etc

If you are looking for some good Gelato or crepes you could stop into Mammamia on Central avenue and 17th.

Well could not be in St. Pete and not visit the beach so before the wedding we decided to go to the beach. My cousin was well prepared with beach towels, water etc. I never leave home without my beach wear. Well it was a sunny day but windy and the waves seemed over powering. I made it to calf deep and that was that. For you that knows me well knows that i love to go out and stay in for a good while not this time.

Well if you are staying near the pier or anywhere along Central avenue you can take the trolley to St. Pete’s Beach. It will cost you $1.25 or $2.50 for unlimited ride for the day. We decided to try for the beach two days later what a difference in the waves.

Waiting at the trolley stop heading to the beach.

We took a brief visit to the Pier. There are trams running along the path to the end of the pier. At the end there is the Pier Point Structure with a gift store and atop on the fourth floor is the Teak restaurant providing a great view of the bay. We ate at Doc Ford’s bar and grille restaurant closer to the entrance of the pier.

Structur represents eroded rock and wild water located in front of the Pier Point structure (building).
Bending Arc by Janet Echelman. This is a billowing net structure that keeps moving by the wind.

St. Petersburg is buzzing with things to do galleries, museums, restaurants I look forward to a revisit.

8 thoughts on “A quick spin in St. Petersburg Florida

  1. Love your write up and fabulous pics. Happy to have explored St Pete with you and brings back memories of all our trips over the many years of friendship. Inspired to explore my new home state and hope you come back anytime.

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