Visit to Chihuly Gallery

While in St.  Petersburg, Florida there are many museums and galleries to visit. Not far from my hotel on central avenue is the Chihuly gallery. Chihuly is an American glass artist known for glass blown objects. He does some marvelous pieces that are displayed at museums, botanical gardens etc. I had seen his work before at the New York Botanic Garden. He works with different themes such as baskets,  macchia(vibrant multiple colored spots), ikebana etc.and explains waking up with ideas and gets to work producing these pieces. At times he has collaborated with friends to determine names for his series.

The Macchia name was suggested by an Italian friend. Macchia means spots in Italian. The artist uses a combination of many different colored spots to create these colorful pieces to me it is a fussion of colors.

One of his idea is from the ikebana (Japanese floral arrangement) concept and delivers some beautiful pieces highlighting long stems.

He has some wonderful pieces of the chandelier collection. These pieces can be made of up to 1000 elements of glass

Neon tumbleweed collection
Pieces in the ceiling along this path
Works displayed at New York Botanical Garden
At the New York Botanical garden
At the New York Botanical gardens
New York Botanical garden
New york garden
New York gardens

Entry fee for seniors and military $18 worth the visit and if you do stop in the theatre you will get a good understanding of his work.

6 thoughts on “Visit to Chihuly Gallery

  1. Thank you for this post on the Chihuly Gallery. I had never heard of it but now I have, if I ever get to that part of the world, again, I will surely pay a visit there.

    It seems to be a very interesting place to be! The pieces you highlighted are quite nice, eh? I love glass art a lot. When I visited Burano in Italy, I was mesmerized by the artists there. I was simply frozen to my spot…….the artists were so good there. Pansy liked the art, too.

    You said that the artist has pieces of his work in New York……. His work is displayed in the New York Botanical Gardens. I guess you were exposed to him before, then? Oh, they look so good!

    Thanks for sharing with us, again!


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