A little cruise life

I had hoped to take a cruise this year since I haven’t been on one for the last two years. I generally get a cruise in as the land tours can be hectic so cruising allows for some relaxed time especially if I am doing the Caribbean. I generally choose a cruise line based on the itinerary so I have travelled with Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian, Holland, Carnival and Crystal. I thought I would share a few happenings while on board.

Overlooking Central Park from my balcony on the Oasis
My friend Babes recapturing her childhood in Coney Island on the Oasis
This bar moves between two decks every hour

We stopped at the new pier in Falmouth, Jamaica built to accommodate the larger ships such as The Oasis. My mom and my friend sharing a jelly coconut.

Aboard Navigator of the Seas while sailing the Baltic’s our head waiter was Jamaican and so was the Chef. Needless to mention we enjoyed some specially prepared Jamaican dishes

A visit to one of the specialty restaurants

Most cruise lines have several specialty dining, Italian, steakhouses, Japanese for a nominal charge. Usually smaller seating accommodations and usually requires reservations. A good idea for a special celebration or just for the experience.

Shops and cafes also the deck where you have live entertainment such as parades
Head waiters , waiters and their assistants bidding us farewell

Aboard the Princess cruising Hawaii.

Doing the electric slide
Awaiting the Captain to pour the champagne in the pyramid made from stacked champagne glasses
With the Opus band members

On Legends of the seas cruising the Caribbean

desert night featuring ice carvings
Guests dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller they had been practicing every day until show time.

On another Princess cruise for our transatlantic adventure heading to Russia, Germany, Finland, Estonia and Portugal.

Guests learning Greek dance with entertainment group.
My friend got her chance to pour champagne
What a surprise when our Peruvian waiter from our Hawaiian cruise ran into us.
The best duo on this ship excellent service and personal entertainment every evening at dinner.

Some live entertainment by crew members on a Norwegian Cruise.

Members of the Cruise Director’s staff

On board there are crew members from many different countries and a show is always dedicated to some of them showing a bit of their culture by showing their talents singing, dancing, playing instruments and often displaying native costumes.
If you take a Norwegian cruise there is a white night where you wear white, optional of course, but it is a party night with the professional dancers and Cruise Director’s team.

Well hope you get an idea of why I enjoy cruises.

4 thoughts on “A little cruise life

  1. Thanks, Ms. Sonia!This brought back a few memories of cruising.  I do not know when we will have the pleasure of doing so, again.  l am, hopefully, not cruising, again, but  one never knows, eh? 🙏😁😀FaithSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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