My first trip

Bermuda 1972 My first trip/vacation was with J. G. to Bermuda in 1972 before going to nursing school. We spent a week at the Inverurie Hotel in Paget. A ten minute ferry ride took us to Hamilton, the capital.. I always have fond memories of the Island. I remember clearly how beautiful it was on a clear day as we landed at the airport. The blue waters the white top roofs on the pastel colored painted houses. Educational part was that Bermuda was formed from an erupted volcano. Interestingly the white roofs had significance which is,  those are limestone roofs and are used to purify water for consumption and daily use. Moon gates had a meaning of good luck and if you stood under or passed through a moon gate you would have good luck. I have my picture under the one erected at the hotel. Eating at the Princess Hotel in Hamilton was quite formal and elegant we wore gowns for dinner. We also went to a night club discovered by G. as he arrived a day before us. Mopeds were very popular but I dared not venture on one as I was not that adventurous. Getting around you could rent a car or rent mopeds or use the ferry.

Last September I returned via a cruise stayed for two days going to the beach with my friends was our focus so we visited Tobacco beach and Horseshoe beach. There is also a beach in walking distance from the dockyard where the ship was docked. Getting transportation from the ship to horshoe beach was not difficult you could go by bus or taxi. To get to Tobacco Bay there is a complimentary ferry to St. George and there are taxis available to take you to the beach and back to the ferry.

At Tobacco Bay Beach
Taken under the moon gate in 72

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