My Arrival

I arrived in the United States in October of 1967 and was welcomed by the Blake-Reid family. There were four sisters and two brothers. I will always be indebted to this family as they helped me adjust to the new environment and culture. I was fascinated by the stories told by the sisters of their experiences in this country but more so taken by their frequent travels. I have always had an inquisitive mind and was interested in visiting some of these countries that I studied in school or heard about from friends. After working in the corporate world for a while I decided to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse and pursued the process for acceptance in a nursing program. After being accepted to Kings County School of Nursing, I decided to take my first vacation since I would not be able to do so for the next two and half years and possibly more, as I would not earn a vacation for at least a year after securing my first nursing job.

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I am retired and have enjoyed the thrill of travelling around the world where I meet new people and experience different cultures. I am outgoing and very friendly and my friends enjoy stories of my travels so here we go

4 thoughts on “My Arrival

  1. Miss chin you are off to a good start and i am looking forward to reading a lot more about your travels around the world. Sorry i can’t go on all the trips with you but i do enjoy when you talk about them. I for one don’t worry about you when you travel. I know you have you head in a good position and you always do the right things. Travel on my friend and have a blast. Love you.


  2. This is really exciting ! I am anticipating an adventure . (In my mind’s eye) I look forward to journey with you around the world.


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